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The Company

1912 Funeral Bill

Our Firm began Down on the river selling caskets, and we have records dating back to 1905. The first recorded owners were a partnership by the name of Skipworth & Glidewell, then in 1908 was sold to J.R. Keen & Sam Smith. In 1911 Mr. Smith Died and his son Finis F. Smith purchased his fathers interest in the business. Sometime in the early 1900’s Mr. Keen sold his interest to Finis’s brother Mr. John Peyton Smith. In 1919 Mr. Peyton Smith went to Undertaker’s school in Roswell, New Mexico, becoming the First person in Cumberland County to have an Undertakers license, (he was already a licensed Pharmacist).


The Undertaking Co. was located up over Smith Pharmacy and continued operations there until 1941 When The Firm was Sold to Mr. & Mrs. J.B. (Bronson & Kate) Moore, it then moved to a little house somewhere near Long’s Auto Sales is now.

Mr and Mrs. Bronson Moore

The next move was to the building beside the Burkesville First United Methodist Church. In 1949 Mr. Moore Purchased the Edens Home on hwy 61 (our present location) and sold the old building to Dr. Joseph Shickels. We are grateful The Moores had the foresight to move to this location, (people told him it was to far out of town).

Silas and Oleta Norris

In the meantime Mr. Moore had hired a newly wed Silas A. Norris (In 1945) to help him and in 1955 sold ½ interest to he and Oleta.

In 1959 they purchased the Moore’s remaining interest and became sole owners. They operated the firm until the last day of 1985 when it was sold to Mark C. New who presently solely owns it, and operates it with his fine staff.

The Building

Circa 1905 Photo of Current Location

Ironically the home we are in was also built around 1905 by Les & Lee King McGee. It is a Sears & Roebuck house plan, A Queen Ann Victorian. The Mcgee’s sold it in 1908 to The Edens Family.

The Edens Family they lived in it until 1949 when it was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Moore.

Early Photograph of the Moore Home


Moore and Norris Funeral Home ca 1957

Norris Funeral Home circa 1971

After Mr. Norris purchased it he added the first permanent chapel, as more services were being held here instead of the Church.

It has been continually remodeled and updated to meet the needs of the families who choose us, carefully retaining the home look, avoiding the steel and concrete mortuary appearance.

Norris-New Funeral Home circa late 1990s

Norris-New Funeral Home Today

This is a recent photograph of Norris-New as it appears in 2009


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